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We're an end-to-end video production, marketing & branding studio, and we get our hands into just about anything creative!

Our Work

Video Production

Website Design

Marketing Collaterals

Brand Identity

This is just the beginning!


About Us

Upper Grove Studio is an end-to-end video production, marketing and branding studio, and just about anything creative.


Everything starts with a story, a collaborative idea of creating something appealing, that makes a difference.


We can just about make any vision and idea come alive. We are here to give your brand that special sauce that sets you apart from every other on the block!

And it doesn’t just stop at communication, we can make your audience interaction more lasting.


Finally, get to know who we are - We bring you the perfect mix of experience and freshness, creativity and quirk. We are a bunch of geeks just trying to make this world a better place!

What we do, We do differently

Video Production

  1. Corporate films

  2. Advertisements

  3. Motion graphics

  4. Promotional Videos

  5. Product promotions

  6. Still shoots

  7. Product Shoots


  1. Logo and brand identity/brand guideline

  2. Brand and marketing collaterals

Digital Marketing

  1. Web development

  2. Social media handle

  3. Portal development

  4. SEO

Meet The Team

We are collaborative in nature! What does that mean?

We love working alongside different people who can bring their special sauce to the table. We team up with people whenever necessary to give you your finished product! 

For that to happen though, we need some constants!

Meet the constants below!


Tribhuvan Chander

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Pratik Singh Thakur

Creative Consultant

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Chander Rajgopal

Financial & Admin Consultant

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Connect with us!

We'd love to get to know you better. 

Drop us an e-mail, letting us know what you're working on and when you want it and we would be happy to help you figure what fits best!

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