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About Us

Upper Grove Studio is an 

independent end-to-end video production, marketing and branding studio, and just about anything creative!

What Sets Us Apart

Everything starts with a story, a collaborative idea of creating something appealing, that makes a difference. We believe that every brand, project, and idea has a unique story to tell, and we are here to be the storytellers.


We can just about make any vision and idea come alive. We are here to give your brand that special sauce that sets you apart from every other on the block!

And it doesn’t just stop at offering tailor-made solutions that brings life to your vision, but also help you stand out in a competitive market and have a lasting impact on your audience.

Whether it be a brand video or an ad film, your brand identities, websites, social strategy, and more, we are here to bring your vision to life through the magic of design, storytelling, and innovation.

Who we are

Finally, getting to know who we are - We are collaborative in nature! What does that mean?

We collaborate on a project basis with anyone who can bring to the table a unique set of skills and experiences, and together, we form a collective team effort to get the final product out to you.


We collaborate with a diverse group of artists, designers, strategists, and storytellers who share a common passion for creativity. To get all of this running though, we need some constants. Scroll down to know more.

Meet the constants

Tribhuvan Chander

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With years of uninterrupted experience in advertising and digital marketing as a Creative Visualizer and a Video Producer, Tribhuvan has comfortably set a standard for himself, all the while building skills and gaining experience in the industry.

Following which having taken a sabbatical to finish his Master’s in Film, particularly cinematography as a specialization in Screen Academy Scotland (Edinburgh Napier University), he was able to gain a lot of experience being exposed to films and the workings on a set. During his stint in Scotland, he worked as a cinematographer in three Scottish films and also had the chance to work in multiple reasonably-budgeted films across multiple roles in the camera department. 

​Tribhuvan has now ventured into the entrepreneurial adventures and not only runs Upper Grove Studio full time but also works on projects as cinematographer and video content creator currently taking up projects independently for various clients across India and a few globally.


He also collaborates with like-minded people and at the same time loves to look out for opportunities to work in film either to assist in or head the camera department.


Chander Rajgopal
Finance & Admin Consultant


We love working alongside different people who can bring their special sauce to the table. We team up with people whenever necessary to give you your finished product! 

 We bring you the perfect mix of experience and freshness, creativity and quirk. 

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Pratik Thakur
Creative Consultant


Ravi Chari
Marketing & Creative Consultant

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