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Loop of Trust Campaign

The Loop of Trust campaign, shows how businesses are fun to run. And with the help of RazorpayX, business related challenges are easy to overcome.

Watch us turn boring testimonials into something fun and engaging! 

Client: RazorpayX (2023)

There are a bunch of new age business. India is full of them who have succeeded and overcome their challenges. Here are some of those start-ups who talks about how they have moved forward with the help of RazorpayX - A business banking platform that supercharges your business banking. 

We at Upper Grove Studio, helped RazorpayX document some of these startups talk about their business related challenges in banking, payrolls, vendor payments and so on. We made it a little fun and engaging because, well, all business aren't boring.

Coupl x RazorpayX

Newton School x RazorpayX

ShopFlo x RazorpayX 

Jar App x RazorpayX 

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